Club Catalina (Catalina Country Club)

Located on Beach Road Batemans Bay on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. The Club is 1.5 km from the CBD of Batemans Bay and just 147 km from Canberra and 276 km from Sydney. Enjoy a round of Golf on our 27-hole championship golf course, relax and enjoy a drink from one of our bars or coffee shop in our modern, air-conditioned clubhouse. The restaurant, clubhouse, and golf course are open 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day). Golf in Batemans Bay started in 1920. Golfers would play in the centre of Percy Bill’s racecourse which was known as ‘Bill’s Paddock’, where Percy’s cows grazed.The course was a 5-hole oiled (sand) green and competitions were three rounds of the 5-holes (15 holes).

Club Catalina Honour Boards

Club Catalina proudly recognises and commemorates those who have been awarded for their outstanding achievements within our Organisation, Golf and Country Club. This year, digital honour boards will be incorporated into our Clubhouse as part of the Club Catalina Refurbishment Project. In the meantime, please visit our online version and join us in congratulating the recipients of each nomination.


Dress Regulations

To maintain the high standard enjoyed in our Club we require the Club Dress Regulations be abided by at all times. Casual Singlets/Sleeveless T-Shirts, Training Apparel, Bare Feet, Untidiness, Faded/Frayed Clothing, Bike Shorts, Swimwear and Headwear (Hats/Beanies) are not permitted at any time. Sporting Apparel, Thongs/Scuffs, Football Jerseys and Overalls are not permitted after 7:30 pm. Sporting Apparel and Football Jerseys are not permitted in the Main Bar at any time. Footwear must be worn at all times.

Club Catalina is committed to the principles of Responsible Service of Alchohol.

No alcohol can be sold or supplied to anyone under 18. It’s against the law.

If a staff member suspects a patron is becoming intoxicated, he/she should consult with a Manager or Supervisor who is currently working with he/she at that time, if a decision is made not to serve any more alcohol to this patron, all staff are to abide by this decision, and the patron must leave the premises in accordance with Responsible Service of Alcohol Guidelines and the Liquor Act.

Club Catalina is committed to the principles of Responsible Conduct of Gaming.

The Gambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Act 1999 and other regulations aim to ensure that registered clubs and hotels adopt responsible practices for gambling activities conducted on their premises.

Problem gambling may be characterised by a loss of control over gambling, especially over the scope and frequency of gambling, the level of wagering and the amount of leisure time devoted to gambling. Many negative consequences result from this loss of control such as failure of relationships, finances and employment.

Help Is Close at Hand
Gambling more, enjoying it less? Help is close at hand. For free and confidential information and advice about problem gambling, please contact GambleAware on 1800 858 858 or visit