Located on Beach Road Batemans Bay on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. The Club is 1.5 km from the CBD of Batemans Bay and just 147 km from Canberra and 276 km from Sydney.

Enjoy a round of Golf on our 27-hole championship golf course, relax and enjoy a drink from one of our bars or coffee shop in our modern, air-conditioned clubhouse. The restaurant, clubhouse, and golf course are open 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day).


Catalina Country Club was founded in 1956 by 25 members, that figure has swollen to some 815 Playing Members and 8415 Social Members in 2014. This is an indication of the popularity of the club and the facilities, which it now boasts.

Golf at Catalina started with a 5-hole sand green course and was transformed into 9-hole sand green by late 1957. At this time it was decided to purchase the rented land that the course was situated on from L. J. Hooker Ltd.

In September 1961, the first 9-hole grass green course was laid out and opened for play at Catalina. It was to be another 6 years, almost to the day, before the next 9-hole grass green course was added.

In August 1970, the new clubhouse was opened, and the golfing complex began to take form. Catalina Country Club, never a club for resting on its laurels, decided to extend the course to a 27-hole grass green layout to allow members to play at their leisure and to facilitate the influx of increasing visitor traffic. The third, 9-hole grass green course was opened for play in September 1990.

Despite the heavy visitor traffic and frequent golf play, the fairways and greens at Catalina Country Club are some of the finest to be found anywhere in New South Wales.


From left to right:

Robert Sinclair, Director; John Partridge, Director; Peter Higgs, Director; Peter Criss, President;Mieke Van Doeland, Director;
Cathie Flynn, Vice President; Anthony Hall, Director; Jason Leplaw, Director; Greg Smeaton, Captain


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