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2019 LEGACY BATEMANS BAY CHARITY GOLF DAY Monday 9 September 2019 – 8:30am 2019 Legacy Charity Golf Day - Registration Form

2019-07-16T13:42:09+10:00July 16th, 2019|

Dec Live Music 2019

DECEMBER 6th (Friday) Cameron Little 7th (Saturday) BRAVE 13th (Friday) McGrath 14th (Saturday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 20th (Friday) Alibi Duo 21st (Saturday) Dave Newman 26th (Friday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 27th (Saturday) Suede Cats 28th (Friday) Intensity Duo 29th (Saturday) BRAVE 30th (Friday) McGrath 31st (Saturday) Totum

2019-07-16T15:41:35+10:00July 2nd, 2019|

Nov Live Music 2019

NOVEMBER 1st (Friday) Totum 2nd (Saturday) SiRenics 4th (Friday) No 8th (Saturday) McGrath 9th (Friday) Suede Cats 15th (Saturday) Mick on Wheels 16th (Friday) Totum 22nd (Saturday) Jacii Leigh 23rd (Friday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 29th (Saturday) Tom Barnes Crosstown Traffic 30th (Friday) Chris Muscat Impact One

2019-07-16T15:35:34+10:00July 2nd, 2019|

Oct Live Music 2019

OCTOBER 4th (Friday) Intensity Duo 5th (Saturday) BRAVE 11th (Friday) Rolling Stones 12th (Saturday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 18th (Friday) Dave Newman 19th (Saturday) Jeff Hill 25th (Friday) Tom Barnes Crosstown Traffic 26th (Saturday) Ang & The Doctor

2019-07-16T15:27:22+10:00July 2nd, 2019|

September Live Music 2019

SEPTEMBER 6th (Friday) Jacii Leigh 7th (Saturday) TBC 13th (Friday) The Martini Henrys 14th (Saturday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 20th (Friday) Richie Langford 21st (Saturday) Totum 27th (Friday) Tom Barnes Crosstown Traffic 28th (Saturday) Cameron Little

2019-07-16T15:21:05+10:00July 2nd, 2019|

Aug Live Music 2019

AUGUST 2nd (Friday) Dave Newman 3rd (Saturday) Suede Cats 9th (Friday) McGrath 10th (Saturday) Intensity Duo 16th (Friday) Jeff Hill 17th (Saturday) Chris Muscat Impact One 23rd (Friday) Jim& Cam 24th (Saturday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 30th (Friday) Totum 31st (Saturday) SiRenics

2019-07-16T15:08:43+10:00July 2nd, 2019|

July Live Entertainment 2019

JULY 5th (Friday) Tom Barnes Crosstown Traffic 6th (Saturday) BRAVE 12th (Friday) The Acoustic Guy 13th (Saturday) Stanley Culic Driving Sideways 19th (Friday) Intensity Duo 20th (Saturday) Totum 26th (Friday) Chris Muscat Impact One 27th (Saturday) Ang & The Doctor

2019-07-16T12:25:09+10:00July 2nd, 2019|