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Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting Summary 31-03-2022

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Summary of Board Meeting

Present: R. Gercken(Chair),R. Sinclair, M. Wallace, C. Flynn, (via electronic connection), F. Cross, J Whittle, G. Chapman (GM, via electronic connection), M. Judd (AGM)

Apologies: A. Hall,M. Lowe,

Minutes of Board Meeting Held: Thursday 24 February 2022 be accepted as presented.

Presentations:  Neil Jeans, Initialism -AML/CTF Director Training,Dennis Grounds, Course Superintendent – Irrigation update

Business arising from 24 February 2022 Minutes –24 Action List items completed. 13 Action List items in progress.

Correspondence – Inward:
  • Contract for the sale and purchase of 56 Country Club Drive Batemans Bay
  • Email from member #850 regarding Le diner en blanc 
  • Letter from previous member #100164 regarding membership ban 
  • Letter of thanks from Far South Coast & Tablelands Golf Association Inc. 
  • Minutes of Eurobodalla Shire Club Grants Meeting held 16 February 202 
  • Certificate from NSW Department of Industry Liquor & Gaming for General Manager for Licensee Training & Responsible Conduct of Gambling 
  • Certificate from NSW Department of Industry Liquor & Gaming for General Manager for Advanced Licensee Training 
  • Club Grants application for Legacy Batemans Bay Charity Golf Day 
  • Club Grants application for Lions Charity Golf Day 
Correspondence – Outward: 
  • Email to member #850 regarding Le diner en blanc
Committee Reports
  •  Minutes of Golf Operations Committee Meeting held 7 March 2022
  • Minutes from Lady Golfers Committee Meeting held 8 February 2022
General Managers Report
  • New Members S 1 yr 1 06 , S 3yr 48 , S 5yr 17 , G 7 Day 2 , G 5 Day 4 , G U35 0 , Country 2 , Junior 0 , Cadet 1
  • Approved Finance Reports presented by GM.
  • Functions scheduled & booked for April 202 2 as presented
  • Strategic Plan: Stage 2 Renovations–Progressing well. Stage 3 –CAFÉ, BAR & RECEPTION tender period in progress.
  • HR Matters: Total Employees 77, Permanent 27, Part time 19, Casual 31. There has been a focus on recruitment during the past month, with the Club advertising internally for some positions.  It was pleasing to receive a good response from existing staff seeking to progress here at the Club and this isa reflection of our culture being positively developed. Congratulations to seven existing team members who were appointed in various new roles.
YTD Gross Income, YTD Gross Income, Expenditure & Net Result
  • Golf Shop-Rounds Report
    Financial YTD 2021 (July –Feb) –32654 rounds (146 players per day)
    Financial YTD 2022 (July –Feb) –46203 rounds –41.4% increase (207 players per day)
General Business
  • Loan Facility – investigated. No action required at this stage. 
  • 17th Land Sale – update – The GM advised we are awaiting registration of the land from Eurobodalla Shire Council, for the sale of the land to be complete. 
  • Austrac Compliance Report 2021 lodged. 
  • Golfing and Membership Fees 2022-2023 – reviewed, discussed and approved. 
  • Purchase of Plants – a further allocation $750 for the purchase of plants for golf course gardens. 
  • LG Advisory – engaged to assist the Club in monitoring and progressing strategic plan. 

Meeting closed.