Club By-laws

This set of by-laws provide improved governance of the club. We are delighted to publish this list:

By-law 1 Lady Members Section 

By-law 2 Men’s Veteran Golfers

By-law 3 Classes of Membership

By-law 4 Golfing Sections Policy

By-law 5 Membership Fees & Reimbursement

By-law 6 Out of Meeting Resolutions

By-law 7 Declaration of Intention to Depart

By-law 8 Member Memorials Policy

By-law 9 Rules of the Course

By-law 10 Use of Motorised Golf Vehicle

By-law 11 Junior Golf Committee Terms of Reference 

By-law 13 Disciplinary Committee

By-law 14 Finance & Business Development Committee Terms of Reference

By-law 15 Senior Staff Human Resources Review Committee Terms of Reference

By-law 16 Grounds, Green & CATS Committee

By-law 17 Golf Operations Committee Terms of Reference

By-law 18 Charity Golfing Events

By-law 19 By-law Regulations

By-law 20 Life Membership Nomination & Criteria

By-law 21 Standing Orders

By-law 22 MiClub On-line Competition Golf Booking

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