We have recently changed the way in which Club Catalina accepts and processes Funding and In-Kind Support Requests from the Community.

There are 5 application options to choose from depending on the nature of the beneficiary and the support you are requesting. Each category has its own unique link:

Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low-income and disadvantaged communities.


  • Purchasing kitchen equipment to produce food for isolated seniors living by themselves.
  • Purchasing a vehicle to help the elderly and people with disabilities attend their hospital appointment.
  • Running a literacy and numeracy program for children with learning difficulties.

Please click on the link to access the Club Catalina Category 1 Funding Request

Category 2 funding is for projects that affect an internal community, such as schools, community groups, and sporting organisations.


  • Purchasing any new equipment/infrastructure for schools.
  • Providing sponsorship for local community sports team.
  • Fundraiser to help a sick child/family in need.

Please click on the link to access the Club Catalina Category 2 Funding Request
Please click on the link to access the Club Catalina Category 2 In-Kind Request 

This is for applications which do not fit into either of the above categories or for requests that are not currently club grants eligible.

How to Apply

  1. Register your profile on
  2. Select the type of funding you seek (see above information for category descriptions and for your guidance).
  3. Fill in the project name and details of your request. As you are applying directly to Club Catalina, please disregard LGA name.
  4. Complete application form and click submit to finish.

*The Club Catalina Board of Directors meets monthly where such requests are considered. To save disappointment we ask that you process your online application at least 8 weeks prior to your scheduled event.

Name of Recipient Name of Program Total Grant Amount Category Cash or In-kind Application Number
Love the Bay Community Pride Campaign $10,000 1 Cash 94781
Narooma Legacy Tin Hat Tin Hat, Donation Bucket and Personal Medical Emergency Alarms $4,000 1 Cash


Daryl Hiebert Yoga Restorative Yoga $5,000 1 Cash 141555
Cancer Council NSW Eurobodalla dance for cancer $3,000 1 Cash 140847
Little Wings Bankstown Flight Program for children $8,894 1 Cash 140474
Australian Breastfeeding Association Easy Access Breastfeeding Support $1,830 1 Cash 140915
Live Life Get Better Live Life Get Better bootcamps $8,000 1 Cash


Healthy Kids Association Healthy Kids for Eurobodalla $3,270 1 Cash


Total $43,994


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