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Errors Checking

Resolve Driver Issues

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Here, select this computer to listening Selection. If This PC is already selected, switch to a different device and then go back to This PC.

If this is an issue for you, then here’s how to fix it and get playing LoL once again. Make sure you extract them in a folder on your Desktop . That way you don’t need to edit the files with UAC privileges (AKA “run as admin” privileges). Lastly, you can save the file to your desktop, then copy and paste it to the original destination through Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer should prompt you for UAC elevation at that time.

  • If you suspect the virus could have come from an external disk or a pen drive, keep them connected too.
  • For rooting out viruses from a Windows device and effective real-time protection we can recommend Bitdefender.
  • Investments in premise-based infrastructure, like upgrading office networks and local servers, plummeted as organizations went virtual or hybrid, first temporarily and then, in many cases, more permanently.

Providing basic security support for all systems and users. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was created by a consortium of payment brands including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. It covers the management of payment card data and is relevant for any organization that accepts credit card payments.

How To Fix Broken Registry Items By Using System File Checker?

For computers in your office building, ensure that they are kept in locked rooms that only employees authorized to use them have access to. When closing your business overnight, be sure to have a secure lock-up procedure so that you do not invite thieves to steal computers or other valuables. When this happens, the CPU generates a vast quantity of heat.


We have to mention that overclocking is potentially dangerous, and it can cause BSoD errors such as THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER to appear. Wait for DriverFix to download and install the newest drivers. Various errors are the result of a malfunctioning driver. When this is the case, you may need to update or reinstall completely this specific component. Repeat these steps for all drivers that you want to update.

Don’t bother copying down the error code from the blue screen itself. Instead, look through Event Viewer for an event with the source BugCheck, as shown in the example in Figure 17-11. If disk space is limited or you’re planning to send the crash dump file to a support technician, you might want to consider setting the system to store a small memory dump .