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Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting Summary 27-01-2022

By Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting Summary 27 January 2022 at 3pm (BOD 22.1) Attendance: Present: C. Flynn(Chair), R. Gercken, R. Sinclair, M. Wallace, A. Hall, Lowe, F. Cross, J Whittle, G. Chapman (GM), M. Judd (AGM). Apologies: Nil. Business arising from 20 December 2021 Minutes New Members:  S1yr – 228, S3yr – 81, S5yr – 33, G7 Day – 8, G5 Day – 4, GU35 -1, Country- 5, Junior – 2, Cadet – 2 approved. Strategic Plan – Stage 2 Renovations – From February 7, works will begin on the front of house area of the Catalina Restaurant bringing it up to date with the previous renovation. From mid February works will commence on the Bathrooms throughout the Club.  7 March will then see the TAB and Gaming areas renovations commence. The rear entry area digital interactive golf honour board and tasteful trophy display cabinet to accommodate the major golf trophies will be installed. These will be illuminated from within the cabinets to really showcase the trophies. During this period, the Club will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience or disruption to members, as the much need Stage 2 refurbishments progress. Last week the Club took delivery of a further sixty-eight comfortable lounge chairs for various areas….

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